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Kamikaze's BMX Page
Racing Stats
Racing Stats
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BMX Linx should follow your heart and never give up. Don't let anyone make your decisions for you. Life is all about choices and it's up to you to find happiness for yourself, because I guarantee no one will find it for you.

- Dave Mirra

I've been racing since I was 7. I try to go about 4 times a week in Austin and San Antonio.

Kody at the Super Nationals in De Soto, 2001.


I ride a 20" Redline Junior. It has Answer forks, Black Widow cranks and clips.

I also ride an old school Cannondale Cruiser.


Kody at the Dixieland Nationals in Marietta, Georgia

Bike Tracks

My home track is Capitol City BMX in Austin. I also ride at Lone Star BMX in San Antonio, Rocket BMX in Converse and Cove BMX in Copperas Cove.

My favorite track is Metroplex BMX in DeSoto because the jumps are huge.


Stay in top 10 (class) in the District (accomplished!!!)
(#6 Class) (#19 Cruiser)(Not bad for first year cruiser)


Other Hobbies

I just finished regular season baseball and I'm now starting All-Stars Baseball.  In the fall, I'll be playing Select Football for the Kyle Panthers. And I love to play video games. My favorites are Tony Hawk's Pro Skater II and WWF Smackdown.